Writing Doesn’t Get Easier (but it could get better)

Writing is hard.

The Writer Behind the Words has a section titled, “Six Hard Truths.” The first truth is, “It doesn’t get easier.”

This truth is true of the writing process and the writing life. We cannot rely on our previous success to sustain us for the years to come. Each new story, article, poem, book, or blog post must be worthy of reading by its own merit. We have to constantly deliver excellence in our craft.

The life a writer, no matter how successful, will always be filled with stress. There’s always the pressure to sell, to write what’s popular, to be better than your peers. No matter how long we’ve been writing, there will be times when we get stuck, get depressed, get rejected, and question ourselves. There are no guarantees even for celebrity writers.

What Dara Girard helps us do with this book is develop the habits and attitudes required to be successful even in the face of these hard truths. While the circumstances may always be difficult, we can acquire new coping strategies that sustain us through anything.