Oh Oprah!

The Oprah Winfrey  show and I were born in the year 1985. We grew up together, twenty-five transformative years. Not transforming into something other, but into an increasingly articulate expression of ourselves. When I say I want to be like Oprah, I guess I’m really saying I want the courage to unapologetically live as my authentic self.

I had never considered how vital courage is until a high school classmate said I was “brave” for wearing my natural (not chemically straightenedhair. Think about that. Showing the world what I naturally am requires bravery?

Since then I’ve become conscious of how frightening it can be to step outside as the real Sarah. From my physical appearance to my opinions and personal values, I’ve had some tough rejections in my 25.97 years on earth. Most people can admit that the same has been true for them. We all know the feeling.

But someone like Oprah gives me hope that I too can “feel the fear but do it anyway.” Whether that fear will dissipate, become less potent, or completely disappear, I can’t say. But thanks to Oprah and those who came before and alongside her (you?) advocating for love, I believe we can conquer our individual and collective fears.


The world does not always tune into us whose frequencies are darker than blue, but I hear your harmonizing hue broadcasting to places as remote as the intervals between the troughs of my thoughts and the crests of my consciousness. I hear you. I decipher your message through the static of fear. Turn the dial till it  transmits crystal clear through a stratosphere of courage. Put my ear next to the speaker, so I can hear you. I’m listening to untold tales from places as remote as here. Though everyone has a story, not everyone has found a voice with which to tell it, so I lean a little closer and listen to yours. Once the truth has reverberated in the channels of my ears there’s no turning away from myself, so I put my mouth close to the transmitter and ask. Do you hear me?

Sarah L. Webb

What’s in your hand? Use it to spread love.

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