Sarah L. Webb

Greetings! I am Sarah—writer, educator, and advocate. (I’m also trying on the labels “activist scholar” and “public intellectual.”)

I’m currently a PhD student in English at Louisiana State University with interests in New literacy Studies, New Media Studies, and Black Women’s Studies.

Other important work I’ve done includes teaching high school and college writing and literature courses; mentoring youth poets, performers, and writers; online content management for local news and TV stations; and freelance writing and blogging for small businesses and magazines.

In 2013 I launched the site dedicated to the issue of discrimination based on skin color and other features. Through this site, I also host the Colorism Healing Poetry Contest.

If you’re interested in discussing any of the above items, please feel free to contact me!

“Sarah’s contribution to DIG Magazine has been invaluable. When assigned a story idea, she was reliable, innovative and efficient. I could rest assured that she would return with a clean, engaging story that was turned well before deadline.”

—Jake Clapp, Entertainment Editor, Dig Magazine

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